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Facebook Naruto (Chapter 2)

Chap 2

Deidara -> Sasori Akakun: When you ’re gone, pieces of my heart are missing you… When yu ’re gone…un~
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Kun Konohamaru: What the heck are you singing? =”=’
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Deidara: Whatever, un!
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Tobi Madara is hearing UNOF (Universal Noise Of F*cking) everywhere~ TT^TT (*)
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Water Suigetsu: LMAO~
(Uchiha Sasuke and 3 others)

Uchiha Sasuke: Poor thing! Where are you now?
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Tobi Madara: Outside the corpse house… TT^TT
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Sarutobi Asuma: LOL!

Uzumaki Naruto: Can you speak Japanese? I don’t understand!

Uchiha Sasuke: Dobe.
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Kabuto Yashiku changed his name to Kabutochimaru.
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Kabutochimaru: We are in love foreva, gonna give each other more than thaaaaaaaaaaa~t… And oh my love I so wanna~ with u~ and vow the faithful swear to never~ change my heart~ to make the dream to conquer all~ HUMAAAAAANNNNN~~~~ Oh oh~ Oh oh~ (*)
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Inu Kiba: ROFLMAOWTFWT! Remix of Vietnamese songs! XD
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Orochimaru: LOL. I love you too baby!
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Uchiha Sasuke: WTF Hip hop Zombie appear!!!

Kabutochimaru: Sasuke-kun, he’s INSIDE me you know! *smile*

Lee Rock
: PFFTT!!!! INSIDE you?? *rofl*
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Hatake Kakashi: Kabuto are you trying to gather a hyper group? =”=’

Kabutochimaru: You can think it that way! ^^
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Shiranui Genma: *choke* Damn you carefree-ers!
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Kyuubi and Uzumaki Naruto are divorced.

Umino Iruka: *dead* X_X

Hatake Kakashi: That’s a big shock Naruto…
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The Yamato: F*ck you Kyuubi!!!! DX

Uzumaki Naruto: I swear I didn’t even think about it! I was on Facebook when Kyuubi f*cked up, then I hit it when struggling! I swear! You gotta believe me!

Uchiha Sasuke: WTF dobe why does Kyuubi have Facebook? Ò_Ó

Uzumaki Naruto: He made an account while possessing my body!
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Kyuubi: Fufufu… I was going to hit the “married” one, kid.

Uchiha Sasuke: Kyuubi you dirty perverted furball! Wait till I came back to Konoha I’ll pull you out of Naruto-dobechan then use Sharingan make you show ***** then post your ***** clips on the internet so you can’t fool around with any females for life!
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Haruno Sakura: LOMFAOF!!!! =))=))=))
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Uchiha Itachi: Sasuke, language!

Hoshigaki Kisame: LOL I’m gonna die~ *rofllm*
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Uzumaki Naruto: Sasuke I love you so much! XD


Kyuubi is single.

Uzumaki Naruto is single.
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Umino Iruka -> Kyuubi: Fox! I hate you! I HATEEEE YOU! You dirty beast! You damn beast! You evil beast! You demon beast! You bastard of a beast! You bad beast! You perverted beast! You… you FOX!
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Uzumaki Naruto: You are weird, sensei… =”=’
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Hatake Kakashi: Isn’t he cute? ^^

Chrunchy Chouchou: O_O
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Tsunade Hokage: Kyuubi you damned f*cking bastard go die now
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Haruno Sakura: Shizune-san, what’s with shishou this time? =__=’

Shizune: A wine bottle. -___-‘

Uzumaki Naruto: Don’t drink so f*cking much obaba!

Tsunade Hokage: SHOO! I LIKE WHAT I’M DOING!

Kun Konohamaru: ‘The heck! Big breast obaba stalking the comments?

Tsunade Hokage: If not then how the hell do I know you brats were talking behind ma back?

Water Suigetsu: Is she rerally drunk? =__=’
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Nara Shika: Wrong topic people! We are bashing Kyuubi arent we?

Umino Iruka
: Shikamaru, failed!

Nara Shika: What troublesome!

Yamanaka Ino: Your sentence is messed up.
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Kyuubi: So crowed here aren’t we? Hate me that much? Oh I’m hurt~!
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Kyuubi: Agree with the f*cking teacher.

Hatake Kakashi: THAT’S IT! The Yamato, to my house, NOW! Kyuubi YOU JUST WAIT!


The Yamato make the group People who hate the blood-staining furball Kyuubi.
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End chapter 2! ^^~

ROFLMAOWTFWT: Roll on floor laughing my as* off what the f*ck was that
LOMFAOF: Laugh out my f*cking as* on floor
(*)Madara was typing in English
(*)That was two Vietnamese songs I made Kabuto sang. If you’re curious, commen me and i’ll post the link of the song. (They’re good songs)
(*)Rock Lee had dirty thoughts XD

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Facebook Naruto (chapter 1) – English translation

Author: Kururo Saruko
Summary: What happen when Naruto characters use Facebook? CHAOS!
Genre: humor, padory, romance, fluff, adventure
Warning: Ooc, VERY! And pure crack!


Uzumaki Naruto -> Uchiha Sasuke: Sasuke, come back!
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Uchiha Sasuke: In your dream, dobe!
(Uchiha Madara, Karin chan and 5 others)

Haruno Sakura: Sasuke, aren’t we always work hard to get you home? Why don’t you come back? Everybody are so disappointed!

Uzumaki Naruto: Are you still hating me for taking your virgin?
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Yamanaka Ino: WTF!? O0O
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Uchiha Sasuke: Shut the f*ck up dobe!!!
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Tsunade Hokage: Good job Naruto!!
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Uchiha Sasuke: You too woman! Everybody get the f*ck out my wall!
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Uzumaki Naruto
is training hard to get Sasuke back!

Uchiha Sasuke: F*ck you!
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Hatake Kakashi: I see your fans are increased Sasuke!

Karin chan: I’ll protect you from that guy!

Water Suigetsu: Sasuke doesn’t need YOU to cover him!
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Karin chan
: *b*tch slap Suigetsu*
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Yamanaka Ino: Are you a kid? =___=
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Yamanaka Ino: AW SASUKE-KUN! XD

Uzumaki Naruto


Kazekage Gaara: been stalked by girls lately…
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Uchiha Sasuke: Advice: Ignore them!
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Uzumaki Naruto
: Don’t listen to that teme! Talk with them a little! ^^
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Kazekage Gaara: Thank you guys!
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Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke are married.
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Uzumaki Naruto
: Not until you came back! You can be on top too, deal?
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Uchiha Sasuke: You change it or I will never come back. And yeah, i’m top. FOREVER!

Umino Iruka
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Ten Ten: I knew this is gonna happen since the day you kissed in front of the whole class! *cry*
(Uzumaki Naruto and 23107 others)

Hyuuga Neji: It just a Facebook thing Ten Ten
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Ten Ten: I knew that!


Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke are in a relationship.

Inu Kiba: F*ck yeah Naruto! One-side love now?
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Umino Iruka: Oh no Naruto! Not this again?
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End chapter 1! ^^

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